Celebrating 10 Years

Kelly Cares Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the Kelly Cares Foundation. Paqui, a former high school chemistry teacher, and Brian, an educator of football players for over 30 years, formed the Foundation to share their gifts with others and strengthen communities.

After battling breast cancer in 2002 and 2007, Paqui and Brian wanted to give back to those who had helped them through Paqui's cancer journey. “We want to share that love and the generosity that was given to us and try and give it back…Brian and I are very passionate about it and we take those gifts and we turn them, hopefully tenfold,” says Paqui.

 “It started with the challenges we faced with Paqui's cancer…We wanted to have people to get mammograms early and be proactive in their health,” says Brian.

The Foundation then expanded to help those not only with breast cancer but with other needs and difficulties. In the belief that communities prosper as a direct result of active participation on the part of its citizens, the Foundation actively supports and promotes initiatives that encourage the engagement of individuals in their respective communities, notably health and education initiatives.

Paqui and Brian are adamant about making a positive impact in communities: “We're here and we're here to make a difference.”

Founded in 2008 by Paqui and Brian Kelly, the mission of the Kelly Cares Foundation is to inspire hope and strengthen communities by investing resources to improve health and education. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Foundation has donated over $4.2 million to support causes locally, nationally and globally.  

Posted on March 01, 2018