Dr. Rotkis: 2017 Playmaker of the Year

The Kelly Cares Foundation honored Dr. Michael Rotkis at the first Power of Pink Cocktail Party during Paqui’s Playbook October Series. Dr. Rotkis, the Medical Director of the Paqui & Brian Kelly Comprehensive Breast Center, was honored for his work with breast cancer patients. Said Dr. Rotkis, “I do what I do not to get awards and not to get adulation, but really to do my very best for all the patients so they have the best outcome and feel the best about themselves after they've been treated for breast cancer.”

The Breast Center, which celebrated its one-year anniversary in October, features enhanced screening, diagnostic imagining, and molecular breast imaging. In its first year of operation, St. Joseph Health System reports that mammograms have increased by 9%.

Paqui has recently celebrated her 10th anniversary of her second cancer diagnosis in 2007. She urges men and women to get their annual checkups and be proactive about their health.

Learn more about the incredible work was done by Dr. Rotkis and his team here: http://www.sjmed.com/breast-center

Posted on March 01, 2018