Grant Information for St. Joseph County Educators

May 25, 2018

Special announcement for St. Joseph County educators

Dear Principals in St. Joseph County, 

Like most principals and educators we know, you probably wish there were more resources available to help your teachers do the things they would really like to for their students.

Would $500 help?

Education is one of the core pillars of our mission at the Kelly Cares Foundation. Itís no coincidence, of course, that our co-founders, Paqui and Brian Kelly, are both educators. We have so much respect for the hard work and selflessness of the teachers in our community, and thatís why we are so excited to share with you a very important announcement. The Foundation has decided to provide a special grant of $500 to 20 teachers in St. Joseph County, Indiana. If youíre doing the math, thatís $10,000 to help our teachers enhance the educational experiences of area students and an appropriate number to commemorate our 10th Anniversary.

Thatís where you come in. We are asking you to share this information with each of the K-4 teachers in your school and encourage them to submit a simple one-page essay stating how they would use $500 to create special learning opportunities for their students. Perhaps it would be class field trip. Or possibly a special project or educational experience. We encourage submissions that will engage, enrich, and motivate students, and you will be the judge of the best idea from among the K Ė 4 teachers in your school. Then we will take the submission you choose and select the final 20 winners.

Submissions will be due June 4, 2018. Please submit your essays and direct any questions to We will contact the winning teachers through their principal by July 1.

We hope you and your teachers will be as excited about this new grant program as we are in presenting it. We look forward to making these awards and hope your school is one of the recipients.


Lisa Klunder

Executive Director

Kelly Cares Foundation 

Posted on May 31, 2018