Joe Schmidt's Story of Giving

Joe Schmidt, former Notre Dame Football Captain and MVP, shares his personal experience of Shop With a Notre Dame Football Player: 

"As football players, we were given so much Ė access to world-class education, free housing, and an incredible platform to meet and influence people. Shop with a Player was an amazing opportunity to use that platform to give back to the community and bring a little bit of joy to a child's Holiday season. As a former student-athlete at Notre Dame, I was beyond blessed, and it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that not everyone is as fortunate.

I shared my phone number with all of the kids I was paired with and told them to reach out anytime. Itís been really fun to stay in touch with them and hear how their lives have progressed over the years. I feel my experience during the Shop with a Player Event had a more substantial impact on me than it had on the kids.

Iím indebted to the Kelly Cares Foundation for the opportunity they provided me and my teammates to give back to the South Bend community. Without their support, I wouldnít have been able to participate in a significant number of events and, for that, Iím extremely grateful. "

-Joe Schmidt, former Notre Dame Football Captain & MVP

Posted on January 01, 2018