Kelly Cares Partners with In His Steps Christian Footwear

Kelly Cares is proud to partner with In His Steps Christian Footwear. For every pair of shoes sold, In His Steps will donate $10 to the Kelly Cares Foundation. Returns are FREE. Shoppers must use the code KELLY at checkout. Shoes may be purchased here:

Read about In His Steps Christian Footwear and Founder, Beth Greenman's, Story below.


Itís not often one gets a second chance to make a good impression, but In His Steps Christian Footwear was founded on the premise that one can do just that, again and again.

I was at a crossroads in my life in the Spring of 2015 when our only child was graduating from high-school and would soon be attending university in the Fall. When God blessed my husband and me with a child after 12 years of marriage, I had a renewed purpose in life. Raising our son has been the highlight of our lives and we are so blessed that God has entrusted us with the awesome privilege of being parents.

I was now approaching unchartered territory of what lay ahead for me. My planned out days revolving around our sonís activities kept my calendar full, but soon I would be staring at blank pages, and the thought of that was overwhelming to me. I prayed constantly asking God to show me the path I was to walk down next, a path that would have meaning and purpose and one that would make a difference in both my life and the life of others.

My inspiration came on the Feast of Corpus Christi when I was literally following Jesus present in the monstrance, In His Steps, as we processed through the streets bringing Him to all who were open to receiving Him in their lives. That day, I began to formulate my vision using footwear as the medium of reminding us to live out our daily lives with meaning and purpose and to make each step count.

The shoes themselves would be simple and thoughtful in their design, shoes that Jesus would wear today. The thought provoking imagery on, in, and beneath the shoe would inspire one to lead a conscious life and to leave a positive mark, literally and figuratively, through oneís daily actions. That, in turn, would inspire others to do the same. Each day when we put on our IHS shoes, we put on Christ and contemplate how we can live out our day in a Christ like way. At the end of the day when we remove our shoes, we reflect upon the dayís events and whether we lived up to our intentions. Whether we did or did not, tomorrow brings another opportunity to either build upon the previous dayís actions, or it gives us a second chance to leave a positive mark on another person or situation.

The message is simple. If we walk daily In His Steps, ordinary deeds can lead to extraordinary results. Any good deed, no matter how simple, has meaning and has the power of inspiring others to do the same by creating an environment of contagious behavior. The results are not measured by the number of good deeds done but by the change that takes place in our hearts and minds by living a conscious life and striving to make a difference in this world. Each person has their own sense of what matters most to them, so it is up to us as individuals to find our own path and to walk with purpose and leave a daily footprint whether it be in our own life, the life of another, or for a cause. Each day will be different. Itís up to us to choose the path in which we will leave our daily footprint. I continue to walk through the doors that God opens for me so that my vision is realized and a movement is begun, all for His glory. I invite you to join me to walk In His Steps to a better you, a better us, a better world!

Posted on March 04, 2019